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5 Reasons to Share SomaDerm®

As a New U Life® distributor, you’ve probably experienced the power of SomaDerm® gel. SomaDerm is the first-ever homeopathic transdermal formula that enables the body’s natural power of HGH (human growth hormone). With over three million bottles soldSomaDerm is widely used and shared among many of our New U Life family, and it’s all because of our distributors!  

So, what makes this SomaDerm gel so special and why should you share it with your family and friends? 

Anyone Can Benefit from It

Have you had a friend or family member talk about feeling tired or not getting a good night’s restSomaDerm gel is targeted for anyone over 18, not just a select group of people. It’s meant to support our body’s mechanisms as we age, so anyone can benefit from this amazing product!  

Safe and Easy Application

Anyone who’s tried SomaDerm knows it’s safe and easy to apply. It’s a transdermal formula that you simply rub onto thin areas of the skin to utilize the benefits of an increase to natural growth hormoneYou just need two pumps a day in the morning and night to experience all this powerful formula has to offer! 

Key Ingredients = Incredible Benefits

Not only are SomaDerm’s key ingredients shown to increase endogenous growth hormone by up to 800%, it may also promote healthy and normal levels of sleep, reduce fat, and improve muscles and joints. Read more about its amazing benefits here 

Natural Homeopathic Ingredients

Key ingredients are made up of natural botanicals and herbs to leave you feeling rejuvenated! These botanicals, like green tea and Aloe Vera support adrenal and thyroid function and contain antioxidant and antibacterial properties. 

Earn Commissions Off Customer Purchases

As a member of the New U Life family, you have the opportunity to share SomaDerm with family and friends. When you work hard and share SomaDerm’s amazing benefits with customers, you can earn commissions off of those purchases!  

Interested in receiving special perks as a New U Life member? Get started here 


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